Principles, Moderation & Security Guidelines

Principles of Use

This platform supports mutual aid-based, anti-oppressive organizing around disasters.

The Grassroots Disaster Relief Toolkit is intented to be used by people who recognize that those most marginalized by the systems of capitalism and colonization are the worst affected during acute disasters and that traditional, top-down models of providing aid rountinly disenfranchise survivors in their ability to prepare, respond to, and recover from acute disasters.

Working in the spirit of mutual aid means we break down the hierarchies between us so everyone can meaninginfully participate in the giving and receiving of aid in order to build stronger, more just communities after disaster.

This platform is not meant to be used by organizations working in hierarchical, charity models or by hate groups.

Finding common ground with our principles and values is a prerequisite for using this platform.

As a collaborative project with Mutual Aid Disaster Relief, we share the network’s guiding Principles and Core Values. These values are meant to guide and shape our collective work in tangible ways. Our Core Values are:

  • Mutual Aid
  • Solidarity Not Charity
  • Self-Determination
  • Leadership From Below
  • Autonomous Direct Action
  • Intersectionality
  • Sustainability
  • Dual Power
  • Collective Liberation


All users are responsible for helping make this platform a safe, accessible place for people to organize in.

The administrators of this site do not have capacity to review all posts or directly moderate conflicts that arise through the forums. In future versions of this site, we’d like to add more tools to support moderation by users.

Interpersonal and intercommunal conflicts should NOT be worked through on this platform.

Public forums are impersonal and poor environments for supporting conflict mediation or resolution. We encourage users and communities experiencing conflict to find other, preferably in-person mediums to resolve disputes.


Post information with caution & care.

This website, including its forums and user profiles, are publicly available. Post information with caution and care; Don’t endanger each other or yourself to people who might use sensitive information maliciously.

Community members doing mutual aid-based relief work have faced and continue to face repression from the governments and white supremacist groups. The work we are doing builds community power and is sometimes perceived as threatening by authoritarians.

Protect yourself, your community, and our network by following these guidelines:

  • Don’t post personal information or data. Don’t post your or someone else’s private address, phone number, or email.
  • Don’t post what’s not yours to share. If posting on the behalf of a group you are a member of, you should have consent from the rest of that group to post what you’re sharing.
  • Don’t post anything that could bring about legal repercussions. Don’t post about the legal documentation status of people at a shelter, for example. Don’t post information about underground or subversive efforts or actions. Always be aware that people with marginalized identities face higher risks than those with privileged identities.